August 2013

... on New Jersey Car Insurance Auto Insurance Life Home Owners QuotesI was pretty upset when I found out that I was paying a higher premium on my car insurance than my cousin. He has been in several accidents, so I just figured his car insurance would be extremely high. We were discussing his latest car accident one day when I made the comment about his insurance rates. When he told me what he pays, I was floored. I asked him for information because I wanted to check out the company that was providing him with cheap auto insurance even with three accidents under his belt.

Granted, two of them were not his fault, but the first one definitely was. It had happened just in the last few years too, so I knew that it was not because a lot of years had passed since the accident. He told me that he was worried when he got his insurance bill after the first wreck, because he wasn’t going to be able to afford that every month.