March 2014

I am currently looking at the possibility of buying a nice house at a nice price, but the thing I do not like much is the shape that the yard is in and in particular there are a bunch of trees that I would not like to have. Some of it is that they will block a lot of the sun and some is that I just do not want to clean up the leaves they would drop. I think I shall get a tree service in westchester ny. It is going to probably decide whether or not I buy the house to be honest, because I have no real desire to try to live in this house if the trees have to stay. That just would make the house too dark and I would like to have a lot of sun in the house if I can. In fact I am thinking that maybe I will go ahead and put in a sun room at some point.

Taking down trees is a really expensive thing and there are a lot of them in this land, plus a lot of them in the neighboring lots. It is not as though taking down one tree is a simple matter, not when you have all sorts of obstacles in the way. It has to get to the ground without hitting any other trees or any other stuff that matters. The last thing you want to do is drop one tree into the top of another one. It is a really dangerous thing if you just clip the other tree and leave one of the limbs hanging in the tops of the other tree. That could fall down a week or a year later and kill anyone who happened to be down below it.

I was really looking forward to not having harsh winters when I moved to Texas. I was born and raised in the North, and my winters usually consisted of lots of snow and very cold temperatures. I was not thinking about how hot the summers would be though. When I saw how much electricity I was using to cool my home, I decided to make sure that txu energy in killeen was the best choice for me. One of the great things about living in Texas is the freedom in choosing things, including which energy company will provide my electricity.

Since I did not know anything about the companies when I first moved here, I just asked my neighbor which one he used. I should have went online and handled the research on my own, but I had too many other things to do. I also figured that the companies could not be too different from each other. I decided to look though, because I wanted to lower my energy costs if it was possible. I looked at the various companies that provide electricity to people in my town, and I was surprised that there actually is a difference between all of them.

It did make me happy to see that my neighbor had given me good advice too. With so many different providers in the area, TXU Energy played it smart and made sure they were one of the lowest priced for homeowners. Not only that, but there are also different plans. I was already on a fixed rate, but I saw where there were green options too. That is how I finally saw where I could lower my energy bill even more. Like I said, it is great having the choice to choose like this. I don’t regret my move at all, even with the hot summers!