June 2014

I am going to try to get satellite television installed at my house in the near future. I have been looking for best prices though, and I have tried a few sites, to try to find discounts on the service. I found one site, that wanted me to ‘click here’ on a link, in order to find savings. It took me to another site, and it listed some different packages that were available. I like the look of the packages, but I am not sure if they actually represent the best prices that are available in my area, of if I will be able to find something cheaper somewhere else.

I definitely need to try to save money. Initially, when I moved into this new apartment, I was thinking that I would not be able to afford any sort of television service. However, I have done a better job at saving up money, than I had expected, so far. As such, I think that I will be able to squeeze television service into my budget, if I can manage to get it for the right price.

I am thinking that it would have to cost 30 dollars, or less, if I were to be able to afford it. Any more than that, and it would cut into the amount of money that I have set aside for food. I really don’t want to starve myself, just to watch a bit of television. So I am going to try to stick to my budget, when I am looking for deals on satellite television. I wonder how many channels of television I would be able to get for that price. I would definitely be happy if I could get at least 100 channels for the price, because that would be enough channels for me.