July 2014

I just bought a house that was previously foreclosed upon. I had to make a number of repairs to it, before I was able to move in. It did not meet several building codes, on account of the lack of maintenance performed by the previous owners. But since it was foreclosed upon, I was able to get it for a great deal. I have been doing a lot of the work myself, to fix it up, and now I am about to move in. I am looking at http://homeinsurance-deals.com/, because I would like to find some good deals on home insurance.

Before my family moves into the house, I would like to get a home insurance policy on it. That is only reasonable, because home insurance protects you from a lot of different types of accidents. For example, there is no way that I could let my son bring friends over to the house, if there was not an insurance policy. That is just a tremendous amount of liability. Of course, I do not know all of the coverage protections that are afforded by house insurance, but I know that it is more like an umbrella coverage, in general than other types of insurance.

I would like to start to move my family into the house within the week. So, I am going to sit down at my computer tonight, and compare insurance policies. I hope to find one that offers a great amount of coverage without having to pay too much for the premiums. This is my first time as a home owner, so I am not sure what to expect when it comes to a premium on home insurance. I also do not know what the deductible will be like. But, of course, that is why I am doing research.