September 2014

Having a successful music career in today’s times is extremely challenging. Because of the Internet as well as multiple television reality competitions focused on singing, it is very easy for true talent to slip through the cracks. Thankfully, we musicians have SoundCloud, which is a place where we can share our music with others and get genuine feedback from other musicians and fans on what we are doing right as well as what we are doing wrong. I did not notice a major change in my own music until I decided to buy real SoundCloud comments from a company that specializes in helping musicians up their numbers on SoundCloud.

It is really all about the numbers when it comes to the music industry. Listen to any radio station, and you are inevitably going to hear a singer who has mediocre talent. What that entertainer does have though is a good marketing team that knows what needs done to get to the top of the charts. For me, that meant getting my music out to a wider number of people. The only way that was going to happen was by having the numbers and comments to show others that my music is relevant to today’s music lovers.

I could do that on my own, but time is a major factor in this business. I did not want to take years building myself up. I would rather have the followers and commenters right now, so others can see that I am not just another no-talent hack trying to make it in the music industry. The nice thing about the comments that I bought is that they are all relevant to my music. Each one pertains to my music rather than just a generic comment posted here and there. That showed others that people are listening to my music, which meant that others started listening more too. It truly has been a win win situation for me!

This house is a real money hole, but we had it figured like that from the start. It is not like we bought a house that was practically given to us without hiring a home inspector and doing the math. The first thing that I did was to get a heating contractor in Hudson county NJ to come by there and figure out what it would cost me to do one of two jobs. The first thing I knew was not really a good idea, which was to just fix this old heat pump and try to get it to last as long as it could. That would have been relatively inexpensive in the short term, but in the long term it would just not do you a whole lot of good. It is not as though they were not going to find out what it was going to cost to replace the entire thing whether I asked them to do it or not though. That was the big money job that made the most sense for the contractor.

Of course the guy told me that it was a waste of time to try to fix the thing, which was how I figured it from the start. At least you fix it and it is still a twenty five year old system. It is just like putting a bunch of money into an old car that breaks down every time that you turn around. At some point there is not any point in fixing it any more, at least not unless you are treating it like fixing it up is your hobby and you need something to do worse than you need to have money in your pocket. We bit the bullet and had a whole new system put in.

I started to work on this project right after I made the last payment on my car. I bought it when it was a year old. Someone else had bought it and got into a minor accident when it has about 30 thousand miles on it. I got a great deal on it and did not care that there was an ugly dent in the the rear driver side quarter panel. After I get done with the debt consolidation that I am doing now I might go to a junk yard and get a body part for it off of a wrecked car. Chances are that you can find one that was smashed up a lot worse in a different spot then the part that I need to replace on this car.

It is not a big deal to me either way, if it had been I would not have bought a car that had this defect. In fact I saw the dent as a good thing, because I wanted a car that I could rely upon for a price that I could afford. A perfect car would have been out of the range that I could have afforded. It is not so hard to figure out that a dent does not usually have any impact on the stuff that you need the car to do. It does not help the gas mileage I would guess, because the car’s shape is designed very carefully to cut through the air as efficiently as it is able to do. So if the dent is in a bad place it probably has a pretty good impact on the aerodynamics of the car. I would not really think that this is going to be a real factor and the mileage seems to be close to what it should be.