January 2015

I was not sure what I was going to do when I had no hot water for a shower the other morning. I knew that for the time being, I had to settle for having the quickest and coldest shower of my life because I had to look presentable for work. I also knew that I would not be doing that again, because I was going to contact a plumber in Essex County NJ to come fix whatever was wrong. My next concern was how I was going to arrange for that since I work long hours.

I did not want to have to wait for the weekend for someone to come out, but I had no days off until then. I don’t get home from work until mid evening, and I had just assumed that plumbers work traditional hours. Not having any other option, I called a plumber that someone from my work recommended, and I was really surprised to find out that they would come out that evening after I got home from work. I was not expecting that at all, and I was extremely grateful that I would not have to wait until my day off.

They were prompt, and I appreciated that too. The good news is that they figured out what the problem was right away, but the bad news is that I needed to get a new water heater. The old one had finally given up, and that is why I did not have any hot water. They went over my options with me, and I was able to order a reasonably priced water heater from them. I did have to wait until the weekend for it to be installed, but I was just glad that I was going to have it fixed in short order.

My fiancée Jinju and I are throwing a pizza party. We are going to be celebrating our recent engagement. My fiancée’s sisters are flying in from South Korea to meet me. Jinju has six little sisters. I want to make a good impression on them. They might put in a good word about me to Jinju’s parents. I purchased the best pizza maker for 2015. It can make hot, delicious pizza for my honorable guests. Normally, I would use my stove to make pizza, but it is not as efficient as my pizza maker. It can make pizza faster and better than a stove. I need the best machine to have a successful party.

One challenge that I might have is the variety of the pizzas. My fiancée’s sisters have different personalities and different tastes. Jinju’s first sister Dain is a rebel. She likes to eat anchovies and pineapples on her pizzas. Her second sister Jiae is very picky about food. She mostly likes vegetarian pizzas with no meat. Jinju’s third sister Nari is a free spirit. She likes extra cheese on her pizza. Jinju’s fourth sister Nada is a tomboy. She likes her pizzas full of pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. Sujin and Wooju are the youngest sisters. They like their pizzas decorated in cute patterns.

Pizza is very important to me. I met my fiancée in a pizza parlor. It was love a first sight. I knew she was the woman of my dreams. I invited her over to my table to enjoy her meal. She agreed to my offer. We had a great conversation with our meal. We decided to go on other dates in the future. Four years later, we are now engaged to be married. I could not be any happier. I hope that this party goes well and leaves a good impression.