September 2015

Moving to Connecticut from Florida was a big change for me. I was so used to the Florida weather that wehn I arrived, I was shocked. Everything was much cooler, and I even had to deal with thick layers of snow. Things also changed for me in another way. I used to live in an apartment, but when I went to Connecticut, I bought a home that I found at The apartment life was beginning to become a little cramped for my wife and our newborn baby. It was a welcomed adjustment, because the baby was able to get his own room.

We decorated the baby’s room with a lot of baby trinkets and added a new coat of paint to the wall. We made it a sky blue color with white clouds to make it look like the actual sky. The baby has a mobile that he really loves to laugh at while he’s awake. That baby becomes curious at a lot of things, and will do what ever he can to touch them or try to put them in his mouth. My wife and I have had to wipe a lot of baby saliva from items because of this.

My family loves the new home, and we’ve met a lot of people when we moved into the neighborhood. One of our neighbors grills meat every weekend and likes to invite every one in the neighborhood to have some. My wife and I bring the baby over and we have some meat and talk while the baby sucks on his bottle. Time will fly by so fast and soon the baby will be able to start eating on the grilled meat too. I think he’ll love the grilled chicken, burgers, and ribs that our neighbor makes for everyone.