September 2016

I did not start out with a plan to run my own company. I was perfectly happy working for someone else. After all, working for another person and a company that belongs to someone else means that a lot of hard work is done for you. But I started making baked goods in my free time, and everyone liked them so much that they said I should open my own bakery. Over time, the idea appealed to me. But I needed to learn more about running one, such as business deals – paying for goods and services as well as laws for a company that sells food items and much more. It was actually a lot of fun to learn about, and I am still learning as I go.

Luckily, I had a lot of money saved from my working for a company for over 15 years. I was always good with my money, and the thought of opening my own bakery seemed like a good investment to me. So, I worked really hard to learn all that I could about running something that I own on my own. I know that I could hire other people to do a lot of those things for me, but I also knew that would take time. I needed to be very frugal up front and handle a lot of the work on my own, and I needed to know what I was doing. I figured that if my company was a success, I could hire on more and more people after about a year and half or so.

Opening day was full of excitement for me. I was able to hire about 3 people. One person helps me on the administration side so that I can still help with the baking. I also hired two very accomplished bakers. We had over 100 customers on our very first day. Since then, we have had a steady stream of customers all day since we opened.

Secondly you’ll want to decide whether you wish to run most of the pipes, drain and electrical before the plaster is put in.

Get your instant quotation todayNew apartments are offered in many different shapes and sizes and installation challenges. Proper planning before you install your air conditioning unit is essential.

Most apartments will require body corporate approval.

High rise apartments require a balcony for outdoor unit location. They even require proper planning before installation in order to avoid any added costs during installation. We have been specialists in high rise installations.

Many homes and apartments have existing split systems air conditioner which have either broken down or are loud and in-efficient. They may be replaced with new systems.

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