December 2016

I wanted to look at the different plans that were available in my area for energy, but I had no idea w here to start. My husband showed me a website he had found and told me that here was a good place to start. I went there and was happy to see that he was right. All I had to do was put in our zip code and it showed me all the plans that are available to customers of TXU Energy. I was happy with the company, but I just figured it would not hurt to see if I could find a better plan that would save me more money on our monthly bill.

I really liked the way that the website was set up for me to look at the plans. The rate is the first thing I was able to see followed by the terms for that particular rate. I was also able to look at the specific details for each of the plans. So, the first thing I had to decide was if I wanted a fixed rate or a variable rate. It made sense to go with the lowest price until you consider all of the options.

Sure, I could save money by going with the cheaper fixed rate, but it was only for a six month term. If I went with the 12 month term, the price increased a very small amount, but I am guaranteed for it to not increase for the first year that I have it. I looked at all of the details of these plans, and I decided to go with the 24 month fixed rate plan. It is not costing me much more per month to have this, but the savings can really add up over the next two years if the rates should increase otherwise.