I Have Finally Come Back Home

I grew up in Utah, and I knew that I wanted to go back one day. Even though I had been gone for nearly 20 years, I still stayed in touch with friends and family there. When I found out there was a position open at the Art Institute for someone to teach in my medium, I immediately applied. It was the perfect opportunity to go back to where I really wanted to be, and I was thrilled when I got the phone call saying the job was mine. I then looked at the best apartments in Taylorsville UT because I wanted to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

Though I had not been back in several years, I still remember the layout of Salt Lake City as well as the surrounding towns. I knew that finding an apartment in Taylorsville would be my best option because it is close to where I would be teaching, and it is also the area where my friends and family are settled as well. I thought it would take me longer than it did to find a nice apartment, but it only took me a few minutes.

I looked online, knowing that it was going to be the quickest way to narrow down my choices. What that did though was hone in on the one choice that I knew would be perfect for me. The Autumn Glen apartments are set up really nice. There is a loft where I have set up a small studio for my art projects, and there is plenty of storage space as well. The one bedroom, one bathroom unit is laid out nice, and I am only a few miles from the closest friend I have there. Moving here has felt like I have finally come back home, and it feels great!

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