Moving to a Little Own on the Delaware River

In fact you can go kayaking if you take a little drive up the river from here. That is how I found this little place. This girl I know invited me out on a kayaking trip and I was really happy to go along. I can not claim to be a great kayaker, but I do enjoy trying. Of course I am not really forced to live in any specific place. I have a traveling job and no matter how you start out, I am still on the road. I found a little place and got New Jersey DSL because that was the best option. I am not sure that I like it too much, but it suffices. I have a satellite dish out in the back yard and it is about half a mile from where I live down to the River. I do not know if the fishing is any good, but I have seen people on the shore and in little john boats with fishing rods. I would guess they probably would not be there if you could not catch something at least every now and then.

At any rate I am thinking about getting a dog and maybe even a couple of hens. I have no neighbors for about a quarter of a mile and there is a good acre and a half of land on this lot. In fact there really can not be a lot of people crowding in on me here, because the terrain will not allow it. Out to one flank the land is pretty marshy and there just is no chance that you could build a house on that area. If you did you would have to sink pilings in the ground which would not be practical. The other direction the ground is just all broken up.

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