Old Firm Needed Modern Marketing

When I was hired on at an older law firm in town, it was with the hope that I would bring new clients in. The senior partners confided in me that business was not as bustling as it once was, and I knew exactly why. I told them that they needed to hire a company that does law firm marketing to make themselves relevant once again. They knew this though, because it is how they found me online and wooed me away from the practice that I was with. They liked what they saw, and I liked what they were offering me.

I knew that I would be able to climb the ladder a lot faster since there were only a handful of senior and junior partners at this law firm, compared to the dozen at my former practice. I also knew that this firm had such potential. With their name and my marketing connections, I knew that this was going to be an incredible match. I remembered that the company who handled the marketing for my former firm was Gromode. Since we handle a different aspect of legal care than my former firm, I didn’t see a problem with using them as my new firm’s new marketing team.

I knew that this company was going to be able to change the landscape of my new law firm. Their only problem was that when other companies were turning to online marketing, they were still relying on the tried and true methods that got them where they were. They forgot that they had to change though with the times, which is where I came in. With the majority of the marketing help coming from Gromode, I was able to put the law firm back on the map. As my reward, I am now a junior partner on the fast track to the top here!

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