1. I am making two C&C cages and found out that pieces of coroplast are $ 15 each. I was wondering if there is anything I can substitute for the Coroplast that is cheaper.

    Answer by Elsie
    Possibly a big plastic box? Or several attached together with a wire lid or no lid? Not quite the same but could be just as interesting 🙂

  2. I heard that consuming Vitamin C is pointless to maintain a healthy body, unless you are exposed to extreme conditions. Is it true? Then what are the other ways to prevent illnesses and strengthen body’s immune system besides Vitamin C?

    Answer by Jeng
    So I’ve heard

  3. I am learning C with David Mark’s book “Learning C on Mac” and I still have certain questions. Should I buy K&R C Programming language for further explanations, and are there any live chats or people that will be willing to help me when I have questions?

    Answer by jacovkss2
    I don’t think K&R is a very good book, educationally speaking. I really like Steven Prata’s book


    If memory serves, the book does address some Mac-specific quirks, but in general it sticks to the C Standard. That does mean that if you want to learn Mac programming, this book will only lay a good foundation. It won’t teach you how to create windows and draw things. Maybe that’s what Mark’s book is good for.

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