The Business Practices Exploiting American Consumers

Living in Rhode Island has been the best for one reason alone; Rhode Island cheap Internet! I’ve lived in quite a few states across the nation and Rhode Island has been the one state which has been able to provide me with the cheapest service possible. Even when I had Insight Communications in Louisville, Kentucky which at the had been the best service provider, Rhode Island has proven itself to have established firm regulations for the ISPs calling the state home. It’s good to see a state which cares about the residents by enforcing corporations to regulate their behavior.

The lack of this same type of regulation has become a problem across the nation. If you’ve been living under a rock and somehow missed the FCC’s ruling yesterday, you’re no doubt wondering what the heck “Open Internet” and how it’s effecting you. Imagine this: your city has two primary streets filled with shops. One street pays a premium to the city, the other doesn’t. Due to not paying the city this premium, the city narrows their street to only one lane while the paying street has two lines. This way traffic flows quicker down the premium street while the non-paying street is clogged with traffic and suffers fewer sales because of it.

This is what many of the ISPs are currently attempting to do to businesses on the web. They want to the right to throttle and restrict package. Ultimately, their plan is to turn Internet packages into something that looks more like a cable packages. It’s such an absurd notion that I’m angry just thinking about it. Ever since Verizon took the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” standards to court and had it struck down, they’ve been preying on businesses simply to line their pockets with more money while refusing to upgrade the infrastructure.

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