The Value of Regularly Pruning Trees

I thought having trees professionally pruned was too expensive to worry about it. I mean, after all, trees grow in the woods all the time and do not need trimmed. The part I did not consider was how many trees in the woods end up falling over because of rot or getting too big. We had some variety of cherry tree in our yard that grew very tall. The problem was that the trees were not sturdy. One tree that had three trunks had one fall over in a wind storm. We called a tree service in Queens County, NY to come out and remove it. It had fallen over on our fence and hit the porch roof damaging the shingles, gutters and fascia. Not trimming the trees was now going to cost me.

When I had the company that provides the tree service in Queens County, NY come out for the estimate on the fallen tree, I also asked them about trimming back the other trees. Their inspection revealed rot in two more trees meaning they had to be completely taken down. Most of the others were trimmed back. The arborist told me that trimming them earlier would have helped them to look better, but that they will still look good. We decided to get rid of all of the tall cherry trees with multiple trunks. They are just too spindly to be safe at any height. We kept the oaks, maples and two of the pines. We are a little thinner now as far as trees are concerned on the property. However, we are also a lot safer. I have heard of trees crashing through roofs and killing the occupants in their path. Our bedroom are at the back of the house close to where the bulk of the trees are in the back yard. I plan on keeping them trimmed from here on out.

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