The Water Would Not Drain from the Tub

My son took a bath the other night. When he went to drain the tub, the water would not go down. I thought perhaps one of his toys was stuck in the drain, but it was clear of anything like that. I tried a plunger, but nothing was getting the water to go down. I had no idea how to fix it on my own, so I did the only thing I could. I went to my laptop and did a search for plumbers. I was able to find a company that does drain cleaning in Rockland County NY as well as other services, so I decided to call them.

I figured that there was something wrong with the drains, which is why the water would not go down. I was able to get the company on the phone, even though it was pretty late. When I explained the problem, they assured me they would have someone at my house first thing in the morning. I was just thankful that we have another bathroom so I could get my shower, and was relieved afterwards that the water went down just fine.

When the plumber came the next morning, I showed him the tub. None of the water had drained out, and I was really worried that this was going to be a really expensive fix. My hope was that some of the water would have drained overnight at least, but I had no such luck. I was really surprised though when the plumber was able to drain the tub in a matter of minutes. He did have to clean the drain with something, and he suggested that I have my sewer lines cleaned so nothing like this happens again. I was just so happy to see a tub without water, but I did schedule the appointment like he suggested. I am going to be proactive from now on rather than reactive!

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